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White Cliffs Country Club Wedding

White Cliffs Country Club Wedding

Chase and Alyssa’s elegant seaside wedding at White Cliffs Country Club was absolutely exquisite. They were married under a white gazebo surrounded by vibrant gardens and panoramic ocean views on top of rolling cliffs. The warm September weather added to the charm of the day, setting the stage for a perfect end-of-summer celebration.

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate Engagement Session

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate Engagement

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate is an absolutely enchanting location for an engagement session! This extravagant summer retreat features lush gardens, rolling hills, a grand estate, and perfectly maintained historic architecture. For this session we spent hours exploring the grounds, taking in all its beauty, and documenting the love Eden and her partner shared for each other.

CT backyard wedding golden hour

Intimate Backyard Summer Wedding

Hannah and Matt’s wedding was a dreamy summer affair, painted with vibrant hues of love and sunshine. Under the sprawling branches of a blossoming apple tree, they exchanged heartfelt vows, surrounded by the embrace of their closest family and friends. This intimate backyard celebration was full of warmth, joy, and laughter.

Sunset Gloucester Beach Engagement

Sunset Gloucester Beach Engagement

Alex and Eric’s Wingersheak beach engagement session was an absolute delight to photograph. As the sun set, it casts a golden glow across the sky and the entire landscape was bathed in a magical hue. The colors of the sunset reflected onto the ocean and shoreline, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

Fall La Bella Vista Wedding

Fall Wedding at La Bella Vista

Jason and Karolina’s wedding at La Bella Vista was nothing short of enchanting. Set against the backdrop of stunning New England fall foliage, their love story came full circle on their wedding day. From their humble beginnings as teenagers brought together by their love of dance to their magical first dance as newlyweds, every moment of the day was filled with joy and significance.

Newport Mansion Engagement Session

Newport Mansion Engagement Session

Casey and Jess chose the Marble House for their engagement session, a grand white marble facade accented with intricate gilded age features. The couple dressed impeccably in shades of blue and white, echoing the mansions features. Like a scene from a movie, they were the stars of the show roaming through mansion grounds.

Fenway Park Boston Wedding

Fenway Park Game Day Wedding

Alex and Eric had their first date at Fenway Park, so getting married there seemed like a fantastic idea. When their hometown teams where scheduled to play each other in Boston, they knew they had to make it happen! Alex and Eric just so happen to be the FIRST EVER couple to have their wedding during a game at Fenway, and it went off without a hitch! Their celebration was a day their family and friends are sure to remember forever.

Surprise seaport proposal at fan pier park

Surprise Seaport Proposal at Fan Pier Park

Birin chose Fan Pier Park for his surprise Seaport proposal. This park showcases the best view in the city of the Boston skyline. As Birin got down on one knee, the magic unfolded before us. Passersby paused to witness the love-filled scene, and the genuine surprise and joy on his partner’s face was unforgettable. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do – being able to freeze such raw emotions in time is truly special.